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Quantum Leap

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QUANTUM LEAP : Once upon a time, an ordinary man called Albert Einstein took a quantum leap in thought that changed science as we know it forever. He discovered that objects have both wave-like (energy) and particle-like (matter) natures. This led to physicists updating their view of what goes on at the subatomic level of objects. Previously, at its most basic level, the model was that there is a nucleus in the middle and an electron orbiting around it in a concentric system similar to our galaxy’s planets orbiting the sun. But now, applying the dual wave-particle nature theory, the updated model paints an electron ‘cloud’ around the nucleus. The term ‘cloud’ illustrates that it is not possible to ever pin-point with 100% certainty the exact location of the electron (and thereby give it material consistency), because the electron is perpetually in motion in an wave-like energetic manner. Due to the energetic nature of the electron, there are i n f i n i t e possible positions for the electron at all times. : : : Let’s assume that like electrons, we all have infinite possible positions or realities. If you were to take your own quantum leap, what would your life look like? : : : 📷: Henri Cartier-Bresson. Paris, 1989🖤 : #quantum #frequency #vibrations #manifestation #drjoedispenza #lawofattraction #끌어당김의법칙 #paris #파리

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